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episode 88: canyon bicycles: blair clark on pioneering direct-first bike brand’s future

Today I speak with Blair Clark, president of Canyon Bicycles USA. We talk about the challenges of DTC online bike sales, and importantly, the solutions to those friction points. We discuss the importance of doing what you can, when you can for your consumers, then working endlessly to protect...

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episode 87: uncharted supply co. – a disruptive digitally-native brand breaks into wholesale

Today I talk talk with founder Christian Schauf about how Uncharted launched with the ultimate expression of consumer connectedness: crowdsourcing. This digitally-native brand is now taking the leap into the wholesale channel. We’ll discuss how content, the right team, a lot of hustle, and an unending drive to connect...

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episode 86: *special episode* shifting channels in the specialty bicycle market

’m joined by Ashley Korenblat, the founder of OuterBike (and a host of other VERY impressive titles). The first OuterBike was a relatively radical idea: Instead of giving consumers the opportunity to demo a bike in a few circles around the parking lot, bring the bikes to iconic trails...

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Shifting Channels in the Bike Market – A Special Channel Mastery Series

This special series co-produced by Bicycle Retailer and Verde Brand Communications dives into the most important and relevant trends on speciality business evolution from key players in the bike market. Check out all eight episodes in this series.

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Episode 85: *Special Episode* Shifting Channels in the Specialty Bicycle Market

“At the end of the day, it’s got to be a great solution for the consumer, a great solution for the brand, and a great solution for the dealer.  – Pete Buhl, president and co-founder of Beeline Bikes To listen to all episodes in this series, click here.  EPISODE...

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Episode 84: *Special Episode* Shifting Channels in the Specialty Bicycle Market

we think that the engagement is the most important part today to engage, and to talk to our customers, and to actually do the dialog, and to have the face-to-face, as you’re saying, the hand-to-hand. That’s what we’re doing right now, and that’s the most important part.” – Sophie...

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Episode 83: *Special Episode* Shifting Channels in the Specialty Bicycle Market

“ I think it’s absolutely the future is going to be stronger and stronger, pick up in store, click and collect. And we think it’s just another way people want to buy. You just have to provide how people want to buy, anyway they want to buy. – Pete...

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Episode 82:*Special Episode* Shifting Channels in the Specialty Bicycle Market

“If our product is innovative and modern and rider-first, we decided we wanted a launch that was the same way.” – Kate Powlison To listen to all episodes in this series, click here.  EPISODE PREVIEW: Part 2: The Product Launch That Shook Up the Industry Today’s show is the...

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Episode 81: *special episode* shifting channels in the specialty bicycle market

In today’s show with Ryan, you’ll learn that many independent bike dealers and bike manufacturers are still timid about committing to ecommerce as a channel – for lots of reasons. As we’ve reported in on before on Channel Mastery, you’ll hear once again from this expert that specialty businesses...

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Episode 80: Consolidation, Climate and Boomers: Facing the Future of Snowsports with Nick Sargent

People come to Nick Sargent with a lot of problems. It’s his job to find solutions. But when you’re the president of the snowsports manufacturing trade organization (SIA), run of the mill answers won’t “fix” the complex problems facing the industry, like climate change, production cycles, and baby boomers...

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Episode 79: How Beacon Technology and Connected Buildings Can Improve Customer Service with Greg Carter

The technology we talk about in today’s episode seems super futuristic. But in reality, it’s happening NOW. With my guest, Greg Carter, Channel Mastery this week is devoted to bringing online data capture technology into the physical space of brick and mortar retail. We cover connected buildings, beacon technology...

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Episode 78: How Specialty Can Own the Shopping Experience with Teddy Schiavoni

Teddy Schiavoni is a multi-hyphenate in the snowsports world. He’s a co-owner of Summit Ski and Snowboard Shop, and the president and founder of Slope Style Life, a consulting firm. He is currently chairman of the Retail Advisory Board for the Snowsports Industries of America (SIA)

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77: Build & Leverage Community around an Event Experience with Amy Charity of SBT GRVL

Amy Charity has over 15 years in her corporate career and three years racing as a professional cyclist, and I feel she’s one of the only women who can offer her take on the unique and entertaining perspectives of working in corporate America and then suddenly signing off and...

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76: Cause and Effect Channel Management With Bill Johannesen

Bill Johannesen is the founder of Vision Werks Consulting and lifelong, specialty consumer analyst. He is an expert with MAP/UP retail price maintenance execution, Internet and channel management, and retail partnerships and new sales roles. Vision Werks uses data and market intelligence to generate customized, predictable revenue growth and...

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75: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, Interbike, and the Disintegrating Lines Between Trade and Consumer Audiences

Steve Frothingham is my guest today. He is the editor in chief of BRAIN, which was recently purchased by the publishers of VeloNews. We talk about the future of trade shows and trade media.

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74: *SPECIAL EDITION* #2: How Brands and Specialty Retailers Can Outplay Amazon at It’s Own Game…Really

Peter Kearns is my guest on this episode and also a panelist at the SIA/ORWM 2019 panel I’m moderating on “Managing the Digital Divide.” He’s been in e-commerce for a decade, both in and out of Amazon. If you’ll be at the show on January 29, please listen to...

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