23: Want Traction in your Multichannel Business Strategy? Crank Up Your PR efforts

“PR is a core underpinning for success and traction building across all channels.”

– Kristin Carpenter-Ogden


Alright already! I hear you we’ve been so into talking to, and learning from the AMAZING guests we’ve booked in our 22 episodes of Channel Mastery, I’ve been inadvertently creating/ignoring/avoiding (?) the elephant in our virtual room. And just what is that gentle, peanut-loving, giant? The role of public relations in today’s multichannel strategy and success.

If you’re wondering why this topic is elephant-esque, it’s because I’m a (nearly) two-decade PR pro and the founder/CEO of a PR and brand communications agency, Verde Brand Communications. Listeners have been asking why I haven’t done an episode on the value of PR to multichannel strategy. Well, here it is! Today’s episode is how PR fuels the success of ANY multichannel business.

Think PR is still just about getting your product in the pages (print or digital) of the latest “it” media outlet? Not so. PR has changed dramatically in the past dozen years and it’s time for a little PR on PR itself. In the fight for attention in an incredibly crowded and noisy consumer marketplace, PR is more crucial than ever.

PR today is traction. Creative, proactive and consumer-focused PR weaves storytelling, brand engagement, trust and community to bring incredible growth and traction to brands.



Along with serving as your host for Channel Mastery, Kristin is also the founder and CEO of Verde Brand Communications, a 17-year-old leading communications agency for the passion-driven outdoor, bike, snow, endurance, travel, health + wellness, consumer electronics, and lifestyle industries. Through her agency, she has helped over 200 brands – from startups to some of the world’s biggest corporations – deliver incredible brand stories and experiences to their target audiences, grow visibility, trust and community.


Kristin first developed her consumer-centric mindset via a decade-long journalism career, where she was respected reporter on outdoors, fitness and business. She serves on the advisory board for the State of Colorado Office of Outdoor Recreation and is board member for the American Mountain Guides Association.


public relations, including: events, media, influencer relations, brand strategy, social and digital communications, email marketing, content marketing, Verde Brand Communications, creative delivery of PR


“PR is a core underpinning for success and traction building across all channels.”

“Our brand fans and our ideal buyers want to belong to our brand. That’s really what it’s all about today.”

“The brand leader has to continually create that emotional connection with their avatar. [It] builds trust and ideally creates a community for them to join, that includes other like-minded people who are equally as enamored with that brand’s experience.”

“To masterfully be discovered; that’s what we do.”

“Great PR is creative, proactive, strategic and story-telling driven.”

“A great PR strategy and a great PR team will put your brand where it should be strategically on that platform and present it in the way it should be presented.”


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Three ways PR fuels multichannel success:

  1. When proactive, creative and consistent, PR results deliver proof of concept. It builds trust through effective placements, proper platform selection, and conversion techniques that keep your customers in the ecosystem you’ve created.
    1. Check out Channel Mastery Episode #12, with Rich Hill, to go deep on this idea.
  2. Visibility has always been and will continue to be a key output of great public relations. Exceptional PR, however, elevates visibility to attention.

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