episode 87: Christian Schauf, Uncharted Supply Co.

“Consumers are really smart. They sniff through any kind of fake anything. I think if you stand a chance at standing apart you just really have to be authentic—good or bad.”

– Christian Schauf, CEO + founder at Uncharted Supply Co.


I am SO thrilled to talk with Christian Schauf today. He is the founder and CEO of Uncharted Supply Co., which is a dear and appreciated client of Verde (full disclosure). Uncharted Supply Co. is a leading, direct-to-consumer brand innovating – and disrupting – the preparedness space.

In addition to what may be the most AMAZING backstory for any human and brand, Christian also is driven by huge vision, creativity and a willingness to take risks. He doesn’t walk; he sprints toward innovation.

Today, we talk about how Uncharted launched with the ultimate expression of consumer connectedness: crowdsourcing. This digitally-native brand is now taking the leap into the wholesale channel. We’ll discuss how content, the right team, a lot of hustle, and an unending drive to connect with your customer combine for success.


Christian Schauf

Christian Schauf is the founder and CEO of Uncharted Supply Co. He is a serial adventurer, athlete, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Originally from the Midwest, he founded the Uncharted Supply Company to help the average person escape extraordinary circumstances. In his downtime he lends aid to those in need, performs charity work in the world’s most dangerous cities, and chases adventure in every sense of the word.


Crowdsourcing, go-to-market plan, passion-driven business, mission bigger than the brand, wholesale expansion, digitally-native brands physical channels, licensing and white label, team building


“[Having a go-to/emergency bag] should be enabling, it shouldn’t be fear. And that’s what we’re trying to change here with this model.”

“Anybody [consumers and team members] that comes into the fold we will answer questions until we’re blue in the face. We are constantly doing everything we can to not only show how our products work and how to use them most effectively, but how to navigate this or that or here’s how we think about this thing.”

“Consumers are really smart. They sniff through any kind of fake anything. I think if you stand a chance at standing apart you just really have to be authentic—good or bad.”

“When people start relaxing and cruising, it drives me crazy because we’re basically giving up at that point. I think the only thing we can do is go faster and learn along the way.”

“Wow, what an amazing opportunity that literally there isn’t even a box in the outdoor retailer show to check that actually fits who we are.”

“It’s market space, not marketplace.”

“I’ve always really believed in the person more than the resume. I want to build a special forces team. Not an army that I have to manage.”



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