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episode 100: Kimo Seymour, Life Time Fitness

This week I welcome Kimo Seymour, Senior Vice President of Operations for the Athletic Events Division at Life Time. Kimo oversees Life Time events including the Leadville race series.

episode 92: Bob Wheeler, Airstream

How many brands from the 1930s are you looking to for social media and content marketing leadership? Airstream is a legacy, consumer-centric brand – a description many would consider to be an oxymoron. In testament to both the quality of workmanship and the devotion of Airstream owners, 75-80 percent of all Airstream trailers ever made are still on the road. But don’t let “legacy” and “iconic” and “1930s” lead you to assumptions about their customer. There’s a wide range of demographics and consumer profiles in the Airstream owner community

70: Influencer Marketing Forecast for 2019, with Chris Dickerson

Chris Dickerson is Verde’s Integrated Services Director, and in today’s episode, he offers a transparent insight into influencer marketing.