132: lyndi bell, chaco & alex adema, dps skis pivot to produce, source and donate ppe, follow up to oia and sia webinar, part 2

OIA + SIA Webinar, Follow up Part 2: Chaco’s, Lyndi Bell and Alex Adema of DPS Skis talk pivoting to produce, source and donate PPE amid COVID-19.

131: sarah wood and amy allison pivot to produce, source and donate PPE, follow up to OIA and SIA webinar, part 1

SupplyConnector co-founder, Sarah Wood & North Carolina Director of Outdoor Rec, Amy Allison, talk broadening the reach of manufacturers to help produce PPE

Episode 80: Consolidation, Climate and Boomers: Facing the Future of Snowsports with Nick Sargent

People come to Nick Sargent with a lot of problems. It’s his job to find solutions. But when you’re the president of the snowsports manufacturing trade organization (SIA), run of the mill answers won’t “fix” the complex problems facing the industry, like climate change, production cycles, and baby boomers aging out of skiing and riding.