133: jason duncan, outdoor research, a herculean pivot: the outdoor research journey to fda-compliant ppe

I sit down with Jason Duncan, who leads Tactical, CSR and the U.S. manufacturing operations at Outdoor Research. What you’re about to hear is a story of an incredible company culture, a level of human resilience in employees of all ages and focuses at the brand, and the incredibly fast progress that’s being made to produce FDA-compliant PPE.

132: lyndi bell, chaco & alex adema, dps skis pivot to produce, source and donate ppe, follow up to oia and sia webinar, part 2

OIA + SIA Webinar, Follow up Part 2: Chaco’s, Lyndi Bell and Alex Adema of DPS Skis talk pivoting to produce, source and donate PPE amid COVID-19.

131: sarah wood and amy allison pivot to produce, source and donate PPE, follow up to OIA and SIA webinar, part 1

SupplyConnector co-founder, Sarah Wood & North Carolina Director of Outdoor Rec, Amy Allison, talk broadening the reach of manufacturers to help produce PPE