172: Joe Wold, Founder Of LifeHandle, Successfully Launched His New Company During The Pandemic With The Help Of Friends, Family and Kickstarter.

Joe Wold, Co-Founder of LifeHandle, a versatile sling created to handle anything, shares their founding story and Kickstarter journey.

171: Stephen Regenold, vp of strategy at lola digital media

VP of Strategy, Stephen Regenold focuses on connecting with Lola Digital Media’s and AllGear’s consumer through authentic content and new sites

170: Rob DeMartini, ceo of usa cycling offers insight into the long-term strategy of the organization

USA Cycling CEO, Rob Demartini, talks about the monumental growth of the cycling industry through 2021 and the importance of newcomers.

169: Gareth Richards bridging the gap between outdoor industry professionals, brands and specialty retailers

Outdoor ProLink CEO, Gareth Richards talks bridging the gap between brands and consumers, and the value of industry Pro’s referrals.