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71: Tribalism and Omnichannel Brand Development with Stephan Drake, DPS Skis

Today’s episode is a short and sweet masters’ class in agility, tenacity and the power of passion behind a strategy.
I speak with Stephan Drake, the founder and CEO of DPS Skis. We discuss the challenges and wins of putting the end consumer first for product, multichannel distribution and content.

62: The New Retail Concept in Action

People are doing a lot of talking about what the “new” retail experience is going to be. Ashley and Jeremy Dakan are building it. As owners of a 43-year old specialty retail institution in my hometown of Durango, Colorado, the Dakans are adding a second store to their portfolio. While I’m thrilled to highlight a local shop and their grand plans for expansion, the ideas in this episode are universal.

54: Achieving the Right Balance for Your Brand with Dan Nordstrom

Only a skier and mountaineer could bring this amount of chill to the charged world of e-commerce. Dan Nordstrom, previously of ski bumming, Nordstrom.com, and Outdoor Research and currently of Roundhouse Collective, is my guest today. He rarely gives interviews – let alone live interviews to a packed house – and this one is back-to-back genius.