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157: Scott Buelter, Ascent 360

Scott Buelter, CEO + President of Ascent 360, talks consumer personalization through data & digital marketing for specialty brands in 2021 and beyond.

70: Influencer Marketing Forecast for 2019, with Chris Dickerson

Chris Dickerson is Verde’s Integrated Services Director, and in today’s episode, he offers a transparent insight into influencer marketing.

61: Using Clicks-to-Bricks Opportunities to Build Customer Relationships

This episode is part pep talk and 100% prep work. In this solocast, I provide tools and ideas that will not only get retailers dialed in for a kickass Q4, but will also transcend holiday in order to build long-term customer loyalty and conversion.

59: Brand and Retailer Collaboration is Key When it Comes to Marketing Success, with Ben Carcio

Ben Carcio grew up working in his parents’ package store (or liquor store, for those us not from the Northeast). What did he realize – beyond, of course, the fringe benefits of cheap beer for his college buddies? Brands, sales reps, retailers: We’re all in this together.