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179: Marketing Expert Akvile DeFazio talks Trends, Advertising, and Supply Chains

Akvile and I chat about trends in digital marketing space, iOS14’s effect on cookies, supply chain’s unexpected impacts, diversifying social advertising, and more. Join us to learn from an industry leader in the digital marketing and social media space who works with brands like Thermos, Johnson & Johnson, and Postmates.

144: Roy Steves, Statbid

Roy Steves, co-founder of Statbid, discusses a new approach to paid search, what’s working for online discovery & the 2020 Holiday sales season.

episode 92: Bob Wheeler, Airstream

How many brands from the 1930s are you looking to for social media and content marketing leadership? Airstream is a legacy, consumer-centric brand – a description many would consider to be an oxymoron. In testament to both the quality of workmanship and the devotion of Airstream owners, 75-80 percent of all Airstream trailers ever made are still on the road. But don’t let “legacy” and “iconic” and “1930s” lead you to assumptions about their customer. There’s a wide range of demographics and consumer profiles in the Airstream owner community

34: Stephen Waddington: Engagement through Brand Communications

In today’s show, Stephen outlines how his predictions around social media and newer technologies will affect your strategies and implementation. And importantly, he shares how he counsels his own clients to act and react to the seemingly endless parade of changes the big social outlets roll out.