digital divide

70: Influencer Marketing Forecast for 2019, with Chris Dickerson

Chris Dickerson is Verde’s Integrated Services Director, and in today’s episode, he offers a transparent insight into influencer marketing.

69: Deconstructing Today’s Paradigm Shift in Business with Margo Aaron

This is a downright motivating episode, and there’s nothing soft about it. It’s about getting results. If you’ve ever had the slightest sense of overwhelm about being remarkable to your omnichannel consumer, this episode is for you.

68: Retail as Media with Anne Mezzenga

Today I welcome Anne Mezzenga to the Channel Mastery podcast. She is a retail savant, incisive analyst, and all-around brilliant businesswoman.

67: Arleigh Greenwald, Founder of Bike Shop Girl and owner of Family Cyclery and Shift Up Strategies

In today’s episode, we talk about why the time was right to open a shop and how she’s ignoring the traditional tactics to be more nimble, more welcoming, more experimental and genuinely community oriented.