150: Ashley Korenblat, Outerbike

Founder Ashley Korenblat, discusses ‘Your Friend in the Bike Business’ – an interactive tool to help cyclists choose the right bike for them.

149: nancy guinn, dog krazy

Nancy Guinn, owner of Dog Krazy, a specialty retail pet store, discusses the pet industry, consumer trends amid COVID-19 & more.

145: Chris Young + Andy Inman, Springs Wealth Group

Springs Wealth Group partners Chris Young + Andy Inman discuss Corporate Social Responsibility, Personal & Business Financial Planning amid COVID-19 & more.

144: Roy Steves, Statbid

Roy Steves, co-founder of Statbid, discusses a new approach to paid search, what’s working for online discovery & the 2020 Holiday sales season.

142: Outdoor Retailer Replay, Doug Schnitzspahn

This Channel Mastery episode originally aired as a live webcast produced by Outdoor Retailer in late June 2020. The webcast, The Weekly Chat, is an extension of The Weekly, a digital magazine for Outdoor Retailer. It launched in the face of the pandemic and economic shutdown and was very well attended by Outdoor Retailer’s audience.

141: Ryan Eittreim, Sales Director of Consumer Products, Wintersteiger

“…And I think we see the same thing with retail. We’re going to see a more customized service based solution in the shops. One staff member with one buyer, one customer and taking them through the stores. So you’re going to see a more personalized experience all the way across the board.”

– Ryan Eittreim


Though it’s still a few months away, the Winter 20/21 season will be here before we know it. Specialty businesses and brand leaders are in the throes of preparing for business with new best practices in the COVID-era. On this episode of the Channel Mastery podcast, I sat down with Wintersteiger’s Sales Director for Consumer Products, Ryan Eittreim. Wintersteiger is the leader in service and rental solutions for the ski and snowboard industry. Ryan’s led a super interesting initiative that Wintersteiger is producing for the specialty community: A best practice guide to serving consumers at both retail and rental this winter. What’s more, these incredible resources are in your favorite color: Free! Check it out here

In addition to walking through these resources in this episode, Ryan and I also discuss the specialty markets’ journey through modernization of the consumer path to purchase through COVID. Specifically, we discuss how retailers and brands must be more consumer centric as the way consumers research and buy continues to change. I like to think of this conversation as a foundation of sorts to building a new plane while you’re flying your existing plane. Jedi! 

I invite you to listen, learn and share this foundational episode created to help you best prepare your business to serve the moving target that is our consumer in the COVID-era. And don’t forget to grab the free resources at


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Ryan Eittreim

Ryan Eittreim, born and raised in Sun Valley Idaho, is a 30-year veteran in the Snowsports Industry with focus on Bootfitting, Repair and rentals.  Ryan has spent the last 20 years with Wintersteiger, Inc. in Salt Lake City, Utah as product and sales manager for machines and rentals, is currently the Director of Sales for Wintersteiger’s consumer brands Hotronic and BootDoc.


Consumer Trends, Winter 20/21 Season, Winter Retailers in COVID, COVID19 Ski Resort Adjustments, Consumer Trends 2020, Preparing for Winter 2020


“…We believe that, with what we’ve seen in the growth of outdoor recreation during COVID in the summer, we anticipate that’s going to be the same for winter sports. It may be Alpine skiing and maybe Nordic skiing/snowshoeing. We just know that we’re going to see a larger participation base out there. So we’re trying to figure out the best way to meet those needs…”

“…And I think we see the same thing with retail. We’re going to see a more customized service based solution in the shops. One staff member with one buyer, one customer and taking them through the stores. So you’re going to see a more personalized experience all the way across the board.”

“…I think it’s about how it works first and foremost, how we’re going to keep our employees safe. And I hear that the most from the, but we also have to keep our customers safe. On the resort level, a lot of resort operators are concerned that they’re going to open up and one case of COVID comes out of participation and they’re afraid they may have to shut down. So everything’s designed to stay open.”




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140: David Howell, Managing Partner and founder, Howell & Associates

If you’re wondering how COVID-19 impacted the Amazon marketplace, or how shifts in Consumer Trends will impact 2020 Holiday selling, you’ll want to tune in to this show.

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