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123: Aimee Ross, Director of Bike Bentonville

Director of Bike Betonville, Aimee Ross, discusses their relationship with Visit Betonville, economic growth and creating an inclusive cycling environment.

113: chris guillemet, ceo, velofix, the future of bringing the bike shop to the consumer

Velofix CEO, Chris Guillemet and I discuss this evolution in the context of the future of the mobile bike shop. Where the channel is headed in the near future is not what you might expect.

108: a tribute to ed zink – the shaping and evolution of mountain bike racing and events

A co-produced BRAIN tribute episode to Ed Zink. A founder of Durango’s iconic road race, the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic. Ed also was the visionary behind Durango’s hosting of the 1990 World Mountain Bike Championships. Many would say with confidence that Ed Zink put Durango on the global “map” as a global mountain bike destination.

episode 107: embracing the opportunity of click and collect for holiday and more with ryan atkinson

After a wide reaching webinar with the National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA), Ryan Atkinson talks to us about the importance of evolving when it comes to how consumers purchase not only bicycles, but other products as well.

episode 103: Nate Pearson, TrainerRoad

Today we dive into the world of software as a service (SaaS) with the co-founder of one of my personal favorite apps and podcasts: TrainerRoad.

episode 101: Mark Satkiewicz, SBT GRVL

Today I am stoked to speak with Mark Satkieweicz, co-founder of SBT GRVL. We talk about what made this event so exceptional right out of the gate, and the questions every event director and promoter should ask to ensure success.

episode 88: Blair Clark, Canyon Bicycles

Today I speak with Blair Clark, president of Canyon Bicycles USA. We talk about the challenges of DTC online bike sales, and importantly, the solutions to those friction points. We discuss the importance of doing what you can, when you can for your consumers, then working endlessly to protect and nurture the loyalty that develops. It’s not just good for the consumer and Canyon, it’s good for the cycling community as a whole.

episode 86: special episode – Ashley Korenblat, Western Spirit, Outerbike, and Public Lands Solutions

’m joined by Ashley Korenblat, the founder of OuterBike (and a host of other VERY impressive titles). The first OuterBike was a relatively radical idea: Instead of giving consumers the opportunity to demo a bike in a few circles around the parking lot, bring the bikes to iconic trails the consumer wants to ride.

Shifting Channels in the Bike Market – A Special Channel Mastery Series

This special series co-produced by Bicycle Retailer and Verde Brand Communications dives into the most important and relevant trends on speciality business evolution from key players in the bike market.

Check out all eight episodes in this series.

Episode 85: *Special Episode* Pete Buhl, Beeline Bikes

“At the end of the day, it’s got to be a great solution for the consumer, a great solution for the brand, and a great solution for the dealer. 

– Pete Buhl, president and co-founder of Beeline Bikes

To listen to all episodes in this series, click here


Part 5: How a Mobile Bike Shop Improves Customer Experience Across Multiple Channels, with Pete Buhl of Beeline Bikes

The purpose of this “Shifting Channels” series is to provide a line of sight on where things are going with channel evolution in the specialty bike community and industry. We’ve covered e-commerce options, case studies in product launches, and adoption in practice by shop owners trying, adapting and thriving.

Today, we’re covering software as a service (SaaS) for bike. Before my technophobe friends shutdown, I encourage you to evaluate this type of technology through the service lens. The SaaS we explore today is leading the charge with a user-friendly, online option to create friction-free experiences for your customers, and a headache-free experience for bike shops.

My guest today is Pete Buhl, president and co-founder of Beeline Bikes. Beeline began as a mobile bike service. It quickly franchised, allowing brick-and-mortar bike shops to expand into a new channel and offer more services. In late January, Beeline, now owned by Accell North America, launched Powered by Beeline, the SaaS program connecting consumers to brands and to local, independent bike dealers.

For perspective around how well received this product has been, 350 store locations signed up in under three months (!!).

Pete says brands are using the program to increase consistency and elevate their customers’ brand experience. Bike dealers are using it better serve their customers’ omnichannel needs, while still encouraging in-store experiences. Intriguing, right? Hit play and take a listen.

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