140: David Howell, Managing Partner and founder, Howell & Associates

If you’re wondering how COVID-19 impacted the Amazon marketplace, or how shifts in Consumer Trends will impact 2020 Holiday selling, you’ll want to tune in to this show.

116: kiri masters, founder of bobsled marketing and the marketplace institute

The Marketplace Institute and Bobsled Marketing Founder, Kiri Masters shares her expertise and tips on navigating Amazon’s Marketplace for specialty brands.

115: mike massey, founder and president & teddy schiavoni, vp business development at locally

In today’s show, Locally duo Mike and Teddy bring us their insights on where today’s consumer is on the ever-evolving ‘decision journey.’ They also share insights that make the trends we’re seeing in retail and marketplace evolution highly relevant to our specialty businesses.

*expert spotlight* episode 105: amazon expert larry pluimer connects recent amazon updates to specialty businesses just in time for holiday

Kristin and Larry spend this *Expert Spotlight* episode discussing the Patagonia lawsuit that made headlines in September, the environmental efforts and changes Amazon has committed to over the next 20 years and the updates to Amazon going into effect for Holiday, 2019.

75: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, Interbike, and the Disintegrating Lines Between Trade and Consumer Audiences

Steve Frothingham is my guest today. He is the editor in chief of BRAIN, which was recently purchased by the publishers of VeloNews. We talk about the future of trade shows and trade media.

74: *SPECIAL EDITION* #2: How Brands and Specialty Retailers Can Outplay Amazon at It’s Own Game…Really

Peter Kearns is my guest on this episode and also a panelist at the SIA/ORWM 2019 panel I’m moderating on “Managing the Digital Divide.” He’s been in e-commerce for a decade, both in and out of Amazon. If you’ll be at the show on January 29, please listen to this episode and send me your questions to answer live at the panel.

70: Influencer Marketing Forecast for 2019, with Chris Dickerson

Chris Dickerson is Verde’s Integrated Services Director, and in today’s episode, he offers a transparent insight into influencer marketing.

69: Deconstructing Today’s Paradigm Shift in Business with Margo Aaron

This is a downright motivating episode, and there’s nothing soft about it. It’s about getting results. If you’ve ever had the slightest sense of overwhelm about being remarkable to your omnichannel consumer, this episode is for you.

68: Retail as Media with Anne Mezzenga

Today I welcome Anne Mezzenga to the Channel Mastery podcast. She is a retail savant, incisive analyst, and all-around brilliant businesswoman.

56: The Impact of the Moosejaw/ Announcement – Take 1

Today, I talk with Wes Allen and we dissect the recent move by Walmart to curate a premium outdoor destination through Are they increasing opportunity and inclusivity for outdoor enthusiasts or leveraging the outdoor industry’s vulnerability around expanding its audience for its own strategic end. Tune in!