Shifting Channels in the Bike Market – A Special Channel Mastery Series

This month I am excited to bring you into a world that I have always been passionate about – the cycling industry. This special series co-produced by Bicycle Retailer and Verde Brand Communications dives into the most important and relevant trends on speciality business evolution from key players in the bike market.

Check out all eight episodes in this series, below. 

1/ episode 81: ecommerce solutions for independent bike dealers with ryan atkinson

In the first episode of the series I interview Ryan Atkinson, President + Co-Owner of SmartEtailing. A bonafide market and bike-shop specialist, Ryan’s company provides marketing solutions specifically designed for bike manufacturers and Independent Bike Dealers (IBD’s).

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2/ episode 82: the product launch that shook up the industry

Kate Powlison joins me for Part 2 of this series to talk about her experience launching the highly-anticipated launch of the AXS component group (Red and Force). As SRAM Road’s Brand Manager, Powlison gives us a behind-the-scenes dissection of their extremely well-orchestrated omnichannel strategy. 

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3/ episode 83: evolving the brand to retail specialty relationship with erik saltvold of erik’s bikes, board and ski

Founder + Owner of specialty retail shop Erik’s Bikes, Board and Ski joins me in part 3 of this series as he defines what exactly it means to be innovative in speciality retail. Some of the the topics we hit on in this episode include: re-investing in your business, taking calculated risks and never letting your business stay stagnant. 

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4/ episode 84: a global sporting goods powerhouse makes its move into the U.S. market with house branded bikes and gear

In part 4, I sit down with two individuals spearheading the  launch of the world’s largest sporting goods retailer, Decathlon, into the US market.  COO, Sophie O’Kelly and Director of Communications + PR, Jennifer Tetrick sit down to discuss their research leading into the launch as well as the company’s branded product strategy and first US flagship store.

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5/ episode 85: how a mobile bike shop improves customer experience across multiple channels, with pete buhl of beeline bikes

I am joined by President + Co-founder Pete Buhl as he talks about his leading Software as a Service (SaaS) company in the bike industry, Beeline Bikes. Buhl talks about how SaaS technology is changing the way consumers are connecting to brands and to local, independent bike dealers; and in return, how speciality retailers can better connect with their consumers.  

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6/ episode 86: ashley korenblat, western spirit + outerbike

Founder of the now infamous Outerbike, Ashely Korenblat joins me for part 6 in our series. Korenblat takes us through the journey of Outerbike over the last decade and dissects the ways in which consumer events have shaped the very tribe that is the cycling industry today. 

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7/ [coming soon] episode 88: blair clark, canyon usa

Blair Clark is the President of Canyon USA, a trusted, decades-old European bike brand that brings strong brand proof of concept, top-tier product innovation and a proven online user experience to American cycling consumers. He’s about 18 months into the journey of bridging Canyon into the U.S. market, and in this episode, he shares what he’s learned coming from a successful, but wholesale-heavy leadership background in the active outdoor lifestyle markets, with brands like GU Energy and Smith Sport Optics

Stay tuned! This episode will drop May 14, 2019. 

8/ [coming soon] episode 89: zach spinhirne-martin, viathon

In April, behemoth marketplace and retailer Walmart entered the specialty bike market with Viathon. Listen in as Zach Spinhirne-Martin, Viathon Brand Manager leader and former Competitive Cyclist executive shares his insights into the launch, what success looks like for the new brand, and what consumer perception has been to date. 

Stay tuned…You do not want to miss this one! This episode will drop May 21, 2019. 

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