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156: Andrew Osborn, Outdoor Research

“As consumers, as individuals, as humans, we, how we interact with brands, changes and evolves at all times, we go through these micro paradigms where we’re really excited about a certain trend. Cranberry juice popped off last year with the, the viral cranberry juice video along with fleet Fleetwood...

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155: Michelle Duffy, Life Time

“And what, what felt so off or or wrong for us for me was emotionally, yes, these are running races or cycling events, but we’re creating life-changing experiences.” – Michelle Duffy EPISODE PREVIEW: Michelle Duffy, Director of Off-Road Events and Marketing for Life Time leads a small and mighty...

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154: Earl Hunter, Black Folks Camp Too

Earl Hunter, President and Founder of Black Folks Camp Too, joins Kristin Carpenter and Alice Baker on this episode of Channel Mastery. Black Folks Camp Too is a marketing-driven business with a mission to increase diversity in the outdoors. Learn what motivated Earl to kickstart Black Folks Camp Too...

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153: Eric Porter, Diamondback Athlete

“…And so what that got me thinking was how can I connect to my audience and come across in a way that really is me and that isn’t trying to jump on a trend and trying to make it on YouTube, but really just putting across my thoughts. And...

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152: Steve Matous, National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA)

Steve Matous, the president of National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA), shares how NICA immediately reached out to partners and sponsors at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak to ensure they could still operate and continue to serve the cycling community, their initiatives to invite newcomers to the sport, the...

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151: Cassie Abel, Women Led Wednesday

Wild Rye founder, discusses the purpose behind Women-Led Wednesday, a day for consumers to support women-led businesses on Nov 25th.

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Kristin Carpenter

I’m the founder and CEO and Verde Brand Communications, a former journalist, a business news junkie, a cyclist and a podcaster.

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