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161: jill nazeer of diamondback and athlete rach mcbride on inclusivity in outdoor and cycling

“I want to provide that visibility for other folks who are non binary, who want to participate in sport and help them, acknowledge that there is a place for them. It really helped me as well. Once I really identified and embraced my non-binary identity, I could show up...

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160: mastering your multi-channel mix through authentic content with scott brady, overland international

“If you have specific knowledge and you engage with a consumer or reader or a business partner in an authentic way, then it shows as this will always be successful.” – Scott Brady EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: Learn how Overland International is utilizing a multi-channel approach to marketing – print, podcasting,...

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159: Maria Boustead, Po Campo

Po Campo CEO & founder, Maria Boustead discusses strategic channel shifting, product development and the cycling industry amid COVID-19.

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158: Kim Miller, SCARPA North America

SCARPA North America's Kim Miller discusses equity and the launching 'SCARPA Stands for Guiding Growth - Athlete Mentorship Initiative'.

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157: Scott Buelter, Ascent 360

Scott Buelter, CEO + President of Ascent 360, talks consumer personalization through data & digital marketing for specialty brands in 2021 and beyond.

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156: Andrew Osborn, Outdoor Research

“As consumers, as individuals, as humans, we, how we interact with brands, changes and evolves at all times, we go through these micro paradigms where we’re really excited about a certain trend. Cranberry juice popped off last year with the, the viral cranberry juice video along with fleet Fleetwood...

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Kristin Carpenter

I’m the founder and CEO and Verde Brand Communications, a former journalist, a business news junkie, a cyclist and a podcaster.

Each week, tune in to the Channel Mastery marketing podcast and learn what’s working for the most successful multi-channel businesses today.

This business podcast was created to assist business leaders as they transform their companies to optimal multi-channel success.

Channel Mastery podcast delivers best-in-class tools, strategies, and marketing tactics for straight from the experts to your earbuds.

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