38: Meet your New CEO: The Consumer

“Need Quote”

– Kristin Carpenter-Ogeden


 In today’s episode, I close out Season 2 of Channel Mastery with a mindset reset – for motivation, for perspective and for the teams we work so hard for day after day.


It is our SOLE mission (and you could say our “soul mission”) at Channel Mastery to help you map, implement, and revel in success in a fast-paced environment. Every business will define success differently, but the unifying factor is that no business will achieve its goals without putting their consumer front and center. That’s what we do here. And in order to that exceptionally, we need to blow out the cobwebs and criticisms in our minds from time to time. As REI’s Ben Johns said in Episode 29, “Mindset is a business tool.”

As a business leader, what you (we!) are doing is HARD. It can be frustrating and it’s easy to feel off the back…constantly. Let’s take a deep breath, reframe that, focus on our strengths and start to execute on our opportunities…together.

And guess what? Next week we launch Season 3 with something that reminds me of the thin line between terror and thrill. Yep, it’s VIDEO. Channel Mastery will continue in its beloved form as podcast, with the added amenity of a YouTube channel, for those so-inclined.

Thanks for supporting Channel Mastery. I don’t sleep unless we’re delivering value for you. And if anyone out there has listened to each of our 37 episodes: thank you SO much! I’d love to send you a fruit basket.  


consumer-centric business, overcoming fear and frustrations, adapting mindset, four-point plan for success in a consumer-driven market


“The idea that people want to interact physically with product in awesome settings, I just don’t think that changes.”

“People are going to have basically what I call strategic specialty retail, [which is] specialty retail stores that are awesome. Brands want their products in those stores, and to some degree, they’ll pay for it.”

“You’re starting to see these [channel] models sort of blend and be hybridized.”

“One of the things that everyone has got to wrap their heads around is it’s up to the brand to keep their own marketplace clean.”


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Four-Point Plan for Success in a Consumer-Driven Market

  1. Purpose
  2. Mindset
  3. Experience
  4. Support

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