18: Luke Starbuck: How to Use Tech to Get Closer to your Consumer: Messenger Bots, AI and Voice Assistant

“The idea here is to make sure that a brand is able to engage a customer, to really nurture that customer, and build a stronger relationship across various channels, by providing various different kinds of services.”

– Luke Starbuck


What would you say if I told you that within 45 minutes, you were going to
be a tech genius? I am not joking. In this episode, Luke Starbuck explains out of this world
technology in a way we can understand. Okay, you won’t be able to code it. But you will
understand the basic parameters of three high level technologies, and you’ll understand how
they can serve your business, your teams, and most importantly, your customer. This could be
the most important 45 minutes your marketing, customer service, and sales teams will
experience this year.

The tech on the docket today is all about automating customer care: voice technology, chatbots
and artificial intelligence. Most of us tune out when we hear those three tools because we figure
they are for only the most techy and advanced industries. NOT SO. Luke describes these
incredible and (ROI-worthy) tools in the most human of ways. If you’ve never heard of a chatbot
before, get ready. Within the hour, you’ll be explaining them confidently to your entire team.
Even better: you’ll be able to articulate how you want your teams to incorporate them into your
multichannel strategies, and how to utilize them to retain customers. THIS IS HUGE.


Luke Starbuck

Luke Starbuck is the vice president of marketing at Linc Global, focusing on
customer care automation with chatbots, voice and artificial intelligence (AI). His entire career
has been angled toward the goal of helping companies accelerate growth. Luke is on the leading
edge of digital tool development and usage that are transforming not only the way we do
business, but more importantly: how the customer interacts with our brands.


customer care automation, chatbots, voice technology, AI, the 20-second
customer service success


“The idea here is to make sure that a brand is able to engage a customer, to really nurture that
customer, and build a stronger relationship across various channels, by providing various
different kinds of services.”

“(Lifetime customer value) is core to pretty much every brand strategy at the moment, because
as we know, customer acquisition is definitely not getting any cheaper these days.”

“I think (voice technology) is the most interesting (technology around) because it’s the first time
that as human beings, we’re able to actually interface with something that is technology, and it’s
got digital at its core, without us having to learn the way in which to interface with that

“The usage of Facebook messenger is incredible at the moment, in terms of how many people
out of the whole population use it.”

“Where this gets interesting is when you actually use some automation and some AI to actually
give customers what they’re looking for in real time, answer their questions, give them an
experience that’s just as good as if it was a human on the other end.”

“If youve got information about (your) products already, it can be used to train AI.”
“We see that generally speaking, (AI) can automate between 60% and 75% of all of the customer

“What we’re doing with it is really focusing in on the value that (AI) creates for the customer,
and for the business.”

“(We’re) not looking at the customer journey as linear, or as a single line, but more thinking
about it like a circle. You want to keep someone going around that circle, and really increase
their lifetime value, and improve the experience they have with you.”

“The key is that you don’t need to build it all yourself. You don’t need to completely re-engineer
the underpinnings of your business.”

“The best (technology) that’s available today does not require you to up-end your e-commerce
system; (it) doesn’t require you to throw away your email marketing tool.”


Linc Global: https://www.letslinc.com/

Connect with Luke on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lucasstarbuck/


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