134: kristin carpenter, announcing the launch of multi-channel marketing academy

“We decided we had to throw down and research and start building the perfect solution…that is what the Multi-Channel Marketing Academy is.” 

– Kristin Carpenter


“The consumer is the channel,” said Mike Massey of Locally. He’s absolutely right, and with COVID-19 creating new consumer behavior dynamics weekly, it’s even more true. 

Channel Mastery was launched three years ago this month to enable specialty brand and business leaders to know what’s working best, and what’s not, with consumer behavior. A big part of that is how we are serving them with both product and content  through a perfect overlay of channels behind the scenes. All they want is to have a remarkable experience with a brand with as little friction as possible. 

Easy, right?

Well, not so much. Brand marketers know that consumer preference and behavior changes are pretty constant, and we are working constantly to change our brand and content strategies and channel mixes. But with the pandemic and now recession? There’s been such a marked shift in how products are brought from concept to consumer that a big reset is warranted.

And that’s where the Multi-Channel Marketing Academy comes in! 

After over a year in the making, my team at Channel Mastery, Verde Brand Communications and I are launching a new digital product – Multi-Channel Marketing Academy.

This digital course and community provide a blueprint that’s usable for nimbly adapting to brand and product launches as well as ongoing communications strategies. With this blueprint, our students will become the owner of the end consumer/shopper relationship within their organizations, reporting to their C-suite peers on what’s working, and what’s not, for the brand’s absolute target shopper. 

This is the course that specialty brand and business leaders need to adapt their businesses to the new business landscape being created now by COVID-19 and the recession. 

This episode of the Channel Mastery podcast is about the ‘why’ behind  the Academy, and what to expect should you decide to join us in our inaugural cohort. The timing for this course could not be more pressing. We will only be launching this during certain times of the year, so don’t miss out!

Here is more information on the Multi-Channel Marketing Academy:

Duration: Two months, during which time seven modules (with exercises and templates) will be taught, weekly coaching sessions, and guest lecturers

Who is it for: Specialty marketing professionals, business leaders and entrepreneurs

For more information on the course, visit channelmastery.com/course and register for an introductory webinar on May 12 here.


Kristin Carpenter

Kristin Carpenter is Channel Mastery host and the CEO and Founder of Verde Brand Communications. A former journalist, Kristin worked on staff for major consumer lifestyle magazines, business and trade titles. Now 19 years later, she continues to serve as Verde’s CEO and directs strategy for the agency. She launched Channel Mastery in 2017 and is happy to be masquerading around as a journalist again through her hosting of the podcast. It’s her ‘beat’ to bring the absolute best practices around serving today’s connected shopper to specialty business and brand leaders. Channel Mastery is the only resource of its kind, and it was created to help level the playing field for specialty brands as they compete for the attention spans, minds and hearts of today’s shopper with marketplaces, big retail and well funded direct-first brands.


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“We decided we had to throw down and research and start building the perfect solution…that is what the Multi-Channel Marketing Academy is.” 

“The timing is great and challenging in terms of our launch…but our goal is that the academy will challenge our students to re-learn what direct-to-consumer means.”

“Your channels are obviously incredible important with how you deliver your message and your product to the consumer, but really those channels are the how. Our target consumers today, especially coming through COVID-19 is really about the why.”

“The consumer is evolving at a very rapid rate right now. They care about different things than they cared about holiday 2019 and even in January 2020.”




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