8: John McCoy: Integrating Ecommerce and Wholesale for Multi-Channel Success

“It boils down to what I call the three P’s: your people, your plan, and your partners.”

– John McCoy


In part one of a special, two-part episode, Kristin and John provide an overview and analysis of how brick and mortar and e-commerce business models are finally learning to knock down the silo’s and actually align strengths to create a much stronger consumer-centric approach.

The balance of power has shifted monumentally across all businesses today, and in this episode, power swings between the old and the new sales and distribution models, between consumers and sellers, and between brand’s internal departments, are dissected. This is where you can identify where your own organization might be flubbing instead of finessing a tight, on-brand consumer experience – listen in and learn!

Tune in on August 29th for the second half of this episode, which continues the conversation between Kristin and John. In episode 9, they dive deep on marketplaces and on how brands and retailers can adapt to this new economy, improve their agility, and – in the borrowed words of Gary Vaynerchuk, “market to the now.”



John McCoy is a seasoned e-commerce and marketing leader. Currently, he’s a retail industry value engineer is SAP Hybris, a digital commerce software company. Before moving to SAP Hybris, he was the e-Commerce director of The Sports Authority (TSA). He had insider access to how a more traditional retail brand responded – effectively and less effectively – to the changing power dynamics of the new economy and to the ever-changing complexion of consumer preference.

His work for large corporations and across many industries has given McCoy unique insight into: e-commerce strategy, omni-channel strategy, digital merchandising, digital audience building and business development, social media, video marketing, lead generation, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing (SEO/SEM), and email marketing.


unifying brick and mortar with e-comm business models, adapting to the new economy, the balance of power of consumers/sellers, the balance of power among brand’s internal departments, “clienteling,” three ‘P’s’ of success, differentiation, solutions for traditional retail, leveraging data, gold customers


(On where the 1/3 of TSA customers went when the company closed) “Research…and some other analytics firms showed that 80% of (of the “disappeared” Sports Authority consumer base) actually went to Amazon.”

“It’s not that people just stopped buying bikes and stopped buying boxing gloves and weights equipment. They just are buying it in different channels today.”

“I see organizations from a tech perspective investing more in what we call “clienteling,” which is a tech term today. Clienteling is a matter of leveraging CRM technology, customer data, past experiences, shopping, that sort of information to build out that universal ID for that individual.”

“Technology is really an enabler, but it’s not the driver.”

“It boils down to what I call the three P’s: your people, your plan, and your partners.”

“What is it about your brand that they love so much? Then use that as your guiding light – your North Star, your Polaris – to help you continue to retain what was beautiful and wonderful about your brand – while still ensuring that you are doing things for the right reasons and for the right customers.”

“It is tough. But having real conversations around why those kings and queens (i.e. best/loyal consumers) shop you, and then getting to the real ‘why’s’ behind it, it can drive some fascinating conversation and innovation for your organization.”


SAP Hybris: http://www.hybris.com/

Connect with John on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/therealmccoy1/

Digital Giants Vlog: http://www.bedigitalgiants.com/


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