10: Jeff Sieh: Integrating Shoppable Social Media Into Your Channel Strategy, and How Amazon is Changing the Game.

“The biggest hiccup businesses have is, “Oh gosh, there’s another network.”

– Jeff Sieh


This is a new format for the Channel Mastery podcast, and one we’ll use again in the future for more training-focused episodes. I offer a lengthier intro outlining the social commerce channel, and the opportunities being provided by shoppable social media to Channel Masters today. This show covers Amazon’s new influencer program, and new social offering, SPARK, as well as Pinterest. We also touch on Instagram and email marketing as well, at the close of Jeff’s segment.

I love Jeff’s approach because he doesn’t just talk about the virtues and vices of social media; he’s down in the trenches walking the walk every day. He’s a social media master – particularly in photo-based platforms like Pinterest and in this episode he offers a deeper view on Amazon’s new shoppable social platform, Spark, as well as covering the strengths and weaknesses of Pinterest. There’s a bit of bonus content on Instagram and email list building from Jeff as well!

What I love about this episode and Jeff’s approach, specifically, is that he acknowledges there’s no magic bullet. There are best practices that are critical to follow (especially on social sales platforms), but Jeff counsels brands to get in and get their hands dirty. It’s the essence of failing forward. The only way to figure out a strategy that will work for your brand is to test different approaches.


Jeff Sieh

Jeff Sieh is creative director at His Design, Inc. He is also head beard at Manly Pinterest Tips, where he is the creator and host of The Manly Pinterest Tip Show. With top tips, pop culture, comedy and just plain fun, Jeff teaches Pinterest techniques unlike any other. I absolutely LOVE his tagline: “Adding testosterone…one pin at a time.”

A single, viral blog post launched Jeff’s career into the stratosphere. Just like the strategic advice he provides for his clients (and this audience), he was prepped to build on that success by maximizing every ensuing opportunity. He brings real-world advice based on experimentation, study and lessons earned from campaigns of all sizes.


Social commerce, shoppable social media, Amazon’s Influencer Program and Spark, photo-driven social media, Pinterest versus Instagram, buy-able pins, email lists vs. social media


“If I’m not walking the walk, why should I talk the talk?”

“I’m a big Pinterest fan because it’s so easy, and it drives tons of traffic. If you’re trying to get traffic to your blog, to your e-commerce site, or to any sort of web property, Pinterest is the best way to get long-term traffic.”

“The biggest hiccup businesses have is, “Oh gosh, there’s another network.”

“Pinterest is…more of a search engine than a social platform. People go there because they’re dreaming and planning and wanting to try things.”

“Things that work on Instagram, won’t work on Pinterest, and vice versa.”

“If you have a big following on Instagram, you can now target those people with your Facebook ads.”

“It’s always better not to sell your stuff on rented land, but use that rented land as a tool where you can put a billboard up.”

“I would work on both (building email lists and social media), and not do one or the other exclusively.”




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