36: How to Capture Data and Use it to Catalyze your Business with Laura Hazlett of Ascent360

“[Ascent360] helps outdoor retailers and brands learn how to use their data, see their data, segment it, and come up with some best practices and strategy. [Ultimately, we help find] the best ways to utilize data.”

– Laura Hazlett


Data, data, data! It’s all anyone can talk about, but HOW do you get it? And once you have it, how do you make it work for you? In today’s episode, our data guru, Laura Hazlett, breaks it down…and I mean Down. To. The. Ground.

Ascent360 works in many industries, but its heart and soul (and quantifiable numbers…heck yeah) are smack dab in the outdoor industries. So Laura walks us through how we can use the conglomerated numbers of the whole industry and how we can capture, analyze, and AMEND (say what??) our individual data points to work for our businesses.


Laura hazlett

Laura Hazlett is a seasoned database marketing professional with experience in both B2C and B2B marketing. Currently, as Director of Marketing of Ascent360, a Venture Capital backed SaaS company, Laura works closely with many retailers, brands, and resorts, to help them better understand their end consumers and effectively communicate with them. Prior to Ascent360, Laura ran the email marketing programs for a Denver startup and an online shopping company sending over 55 million emails per month.


data capture, data analysis, customer decision journey, personalization, localization, customer segmentation, A/B testing (for email marketing), utilizing lookalike audiences, growing an audience, the resurgence of direct mail, enriching data, events as part of a marketing funnel, dynamic emailing, survey effectiveness


“[Ascent360] helps outdoor retailers and brands learn how to use their data, see their data, segment it, and come up with some best practices and strategy. [Ultimately, we help find] the best ways to utilize data.”

On determining marketing strategy: “[Data] takes that guessing game out of it.”

“Talk to your customers and your prospects differently.”

“To acquire a new customer – in the typical way of acquiring a customer, whether that’s paid ads or search campaigns – tends to be six times more expensive than using the customers that you already have and speaking to them.”

“What used to work three months ago might not be what’s working now. That’s okay. It’s just really good to monitor and to make sure that you’re adjusting accordingly to hit your best ROI on all of your marketing channels.


Ascent360: http://www.ascent360.com/

Email Laura directly: [email protected]

Connect with Laura on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/laura-hazlett-b154ba20/


Laura’s Ascent 360 webinar, “Don’t Just Survive the Changing Retail Landscape; Learn How to Thrive”: http://bit.ly/2FOKc0P.

(The webinar has already posted, so you may need to request a re-showing, as per the blog description.)

Key takeaways and best practices:

  • Start to run your company with a data-first mindset
  • Strive to be exceptional at constantly and creatively building your audience and being remarkable to those in your audience
  • Personalization, localization and segmentation – these are three rules that the most successful companies are using to romance their brand fans and store loyalists
  • Consistently (as in weekly) review your marketing channels in terms of how your marketing is landing with your consumers
  • And amend data – sure it’s creepy but you know what? It’s legal and it really helps with the personalization, localization and segmentation mentioned previously….

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