174: Holly Fraser of Outsider’s Network talks developing a brand, encouraging inclusion, and the destiny of the network

“We’re not talent management. We’re not casting agents where we’re representing talent. What we’re doing is we’re providing a platform and like you say, a network. So both the technology behind it in terms of the web-driven, but also the networks. So our work is in seeking out all the individuals that would love to be a part of this network.”

– Holly Fraser


  • Managing Director, Holly Fraser, introduces Outsider’s Network, the newest network connecting members and content creators in the outdoor industry
  • Outsider’s Network helps drive inclusiveness with their mission to find a diverse, collective of outdoor talent
  • Holly shares what phase of their launch Outsider’s Networks is currently in and where the network is headed over the next few months


All of us in specialty businesses and in the outdoor industry know that it can be challenging to find talent in remote locations or professional models that can do the incredible activities – kayaking down a river, rock climbing, mountain biking – we need them to do to showcase our brands. That’s where the Outsider’s Network comes into the equation. They connect professional models and welcome non-professional enthusiasts to their network with producers, agents, and the makers behind the brands.

My guest this week is Holly Fraser, Managing Director for Outsider’s Network, a website and talent marketplace in the early phases of their launch. Outsider’s Network helps people search and then book talent in the incredible places where outdoor shoots happen across North America. Holly partnered with the founders of Origin Outside, an outdoor focused marketing agency, to launch Outsider’s Network.

The network is  now in what Holly referred to as the “Model Car” phase of their official launch. The components of the car are all available at outsidersnetwork.com and they’re accepting applications for both the members and booking side of the program, but the engine (or official launch) won’t be added until a little later this summer. 

Learn about the newest network connecting brands with talent in the outdoor industry on this week’s episode of Channel Mastery


Holly Fraser

Holly Fraser is the co-founder of Outsiders Network.  The concept of Outsiders Network came from her career as an outdoor content producer with Execution Media Ltd, her Whistler-based boutique production company that works locally and around the world. Execution’s client list includes major car companies, clothing lines and adventure gear brands, all of which benefit from Fraser’s professionalism and creative instincts that she’s been honing since her days studying photography and media at Ryerson University.

 Prior to founding Execution in 2011, Fraser worked in creative agencies, ran a photo-arts gallery and event space and traveled the world raising awareness for animal rights, a cause that she passionately advocates for in her day-to-day life (just ask her three-legged rescue dog that found the good life when Fraser brought him home). Now a mother of a toddler you can find Holly working from home on the ancestral and unceded territories of the Skwxwú7mesh, Lil’wat and St’at’imc Nations with her daughter and three rescue animals or out exploring the beautiful world on her dirt bike, mountain bike, sled, board or skis.


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“They {the members} go through the vetting process and then the network grows. And again, the areas around North America where outdoor shoots happen the most. And as you touched on earlier there’s not always the ability to fly talent in and we want to be able to provide the option for for clients to have great local talent to access or fairly local, you know, within their province or state, and also for talent to have a great opportunity to earn some extra money being in front of the camera and doing the activities that they love to do outside.”

“That is the driving passion behind our business. And when I say the passion, you know, it’s, it’s the part that’s motivating the three of us because we, we know that it’s a mandate now for it to, to showcase diversity in outdoor, in marketing in general, but certainly in an outdoor space.” 

“And we’ll be guided by them {diverse board members} having very honest conversations to make sure that, like you said, we are asking the right questions, that we are making our talent comfortable, that we’re working with them on initiatives that they’re passionate about is also very important to us. And, and then also that we are working with our clients and our partners to give them an opportunity to increase that accessibility as well, because it’s something that’s gonna take time. And I think the opportunity here is that with the work that we’re doing, we know that we can there’s a lot of amazing people out there that just need to be tapped on the shoulder just to say, you know, Hey you would be great talent to, you don’t have to be the traditional model and you’re absolutely right.”




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