77: Build & Leverage Community around an Event Experience with Amy Charity of SBT GRVL

“That was really instrumental: starting very grassroots and telling our story. And also, being so aligned on what that story was.”

– Amy Charity


SBT GRVL is a brand-new gravel race experience that’s taking place Aug. 18, 2019 in beautiful Steamboat, Colo. Verde Brand Communications is proud to represent SBT GRVL. We have had the amazing experience of working along side the SBT GRVL team to launch and also, run a campaign inviting more female cyclists to participate in the event, in the past couple of months. 

As the owner of Verde, it was absolutely amazing to experience the success of the launch of this event. Let’s get real. … SBT GRVL has not ever happened before – meaning, we were selling some thing that didn’t exist yet. Despite that, we sold out the event in six days. That’s right, 1300 people signed up to do the event, without any proof of concept. What was the secret? What made it all work? There is a ‘but wait, there’s more’ component to this as well. … On Feb. 25, 2019, we launched a new campaign that opened up an additional 200 spots just for women who may be interested in coming up to do the event. 

In today’s show, I host one of the founders of SBT GRVL, Amy Charity. She’s a former road racer and author, but also a key driver to the parity message behind the SBT GRVL event. Listen in to learn how SBT GRVL built and leveraged a community to launch an event and to catalyze more women to toe the line on Aug. 18 at the inaugural event.


Amy Charity

Amy Charity has over 15 years in her corporate career and three years racing as a professional cyclist, and I feel she’s one of the only women who can offer her take on the unique and entertaining perspectives of working in corporate America and then suddenly signing off and becoming a pro cyclist at the ripe young age of 30. She’s also one of the three founding partners of SBT GRVL, the world’s newest gravel event taking place in and around Steamboat, Colorado August 17-18, 2019. Check out the race website at: www.sbtgrvl.com


Social media strategy, tactics and engagement, building community, sponsor and athlete activation, cross promotion, audience growth strategies, launch tactics, integrated brand communications, event public relations, parity in cycling



The Wrong Side of Comfortable,” by Amy Charity

Gender Parity Discount Code (until sold out) – Registration for the SBT GRVL Event


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