21: Dan Phan: The Art & Science of Business Modernization

“I realized also, that if a company is to succeed in whatever transformation they’re going through, then they need all of their partners that they work along with along for that ride too.”

– Dan Phan


Were you one of the earliest around to have a Twitter handle? Did your business start selling online as soon as you could create a digital shopping cart? Are you charging ahead in this multichannel universe, piling up success after success? Are you and your organization early adopters of the latest in tech, digital and ideas?

If you answered no to any of those questions, today’s episode is for you. And the message is this: You are NOT alone. In fact, you’re probably in the majority. So let’s put an end to the shame, the overwhelm, the chaos and the analysis paralysis.

My guest, Dan Phan, is a breath of fresh air! His mission is teaching businesses how to start driving with confidence in this digital evolution, instead of being driven batty by all of the change.


Dan phan

Dan Phan, formerly an omnichannel transformation and digital education consultant for Target, founded The Late Majority in April 2015 to give small- and medium-sized organizations the same competitive advantage giant companies have in innovation, business transformation, and learning real world thinking.


His philosophy is that organizational transformation requires the ability to empower everyone to develop new ideas, make effective decisions, and create a new mindset rooted in innovation. The Late Majority guides well established established businesses up the innovation curve to meet the demands of the modern consumer.


the digital evolution, digital education, organizational transformation, long-range planning, BOPUIS (buy online/pickup in store) and BORIS (buy online/return in store)


“I realized also, that if a company is to succeed in whatever transformation they’re going through, then they need all of their partners that they work along with along for that ride too.”

“What were those beliefs that the organization had, that kept them [stagnant], or that made them fail? Because if we can look internally to our own organization, and look at what harmful beliefs we might have, [we can identify what’s] blocking us from seeing the future.”

“When you can reframe those and turn those [beliefs] from a crisis to an opportunity, that’s when you start seeing real shifts in behavior and action.”

“You all need to work together in this new world. The companies that are thriving are the ones that are breaking down [old] silos. So, I want you to bring in your champions, and also your resistors.”

“I think retailers or brands need to stop freaking out when Amazon comes out with something that’s mind blowing. ‘Why is Amazon doing that?’ It’s because they want to be the best customer-centric company in the entire world. Instead of seeing it as a threat, see it as an opportunity. ‘Why can’t we do something like that?’” [edited for clarity]


The Late Majority: https://www.thelatemajority.com/

Cue4: The Retail Unconference: https://www.cue4unconference.com/

Connect with Dan on LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/danphanmpls/


In what areas and skills can your team develop? Skills Page at The Late Majority: https://www.thelatemajority.com/courses

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