episode 96: Bob Rogers, Lance Camper

“One of the things that we love to do is listen to the customer and say, ‘Okay, evolve the product all the time, not just at model change.’ …We [evolve] constantly.”

– Bob Rogers


Continual evolution is now table-stakes for multi-channel marketing. But thankfully, no matter what the channel, two things continue to fuel specialty marketing success: 

First, you have to have strong narrative brand storytelling that’s completely capable of evoking an emotional connection. And second? Use it to enable your target consumer to believe something they want to about themselves. In specialty, both are critical. As I’ve said many times before, our consumers use our brands as identity pieces.  

Brand marketing experience goes a long way on both fronts. It’s tough to find a seasoned pro with decades of experience, a vested interest in what they’re marketing (passion), and, who also has a very nimble mindset and a strong sense of continual curiosity about how things are changing and why.

I found one for you today, Channel Masters. My guest today is Bob Rogers, director of marketing for Lance Camper. 

Bob is enthusiastically – and boldly – setting up a 54-year-old legacy brand for discovery, engagement and conversion. He’s committed to not only evolving the brand and how it reaches and engages people today, he’s committed to doing so for the next two generations of outdoor enthusiasts. One of the best facets of this conversation is how Bob is taking the page out of his playbooks of old (in the automotive industry, for one example) and putting them in the game in a fresh new way. You’ll love what he shares about cross-promotional marketing in this episode.

Really, the heart of this episode is about agility. It’s about evolving your marketing and your product to meet your target consumer where they expect to discover you, with what they want to experience in your content. Acting like a start up while you’re the steward of a 54-year-old brand? That’s Bob Rogers’ M.O. Give this episode a listen and a share, and let us know what you think.


Bob Rogers

Bob Rogers is the director of marketing for Lance Camper, where he employs his cross-functional knowledge and experience in marketing, sales, product planning and development, operations, finance, training, and customer service. He worked previously with Nissan, Kawasaki, Fleetwood RV, and Electronic Data Systems & Zondervan.


Demographics and psychographics, marketing to the core, aspirational marketing, demographic marketing, importance of lifestyle videos, dealer relationships, co-marketing and partner marketing, “greening” manufacturing, brand marketing


“I think what has worked is understanding the customer, [and] understanding that what appeals to a millennial [will work] as long as it’s aspirational for the boomer. They may not actually go do that lifestyle activity you’re showing in your marketing, but they aspire to it..or they think it’s cool.”

“We’ve been known as a quality manufacturer for 54 years and a functional manufacturer. We’re sticking to that core whether we’re talking to a boomer or a millennial. I think that’s key to the success of the whole thing.”

[On lifestyle marketing] “Just picture yourself in your lifestyle and how does that product support it?”

“I love co-marketing and co-branding with partners that have brands of equal or greater brand attributes than we do. …Picking those partners well is important.”

“[We’ve] put a lot of time and effort into developing systems that are a lot more green and a lot more user-friendly for both demographics—millennials as well as boomers—which has been phenomenal.”

“Just like most other industries, because of all the information that’s available, [consumers] are showing up really well equipped and with decisions made.”

“One of the things that we love to do is listen to the customer and say, ‘Okay, evolve the product all the time, not just at model change.’ …We [evolve] constantly.”

“We just got a Green Certification in our industry, which includes looking at your manufacturing as well as your products. We’re proud of that, and we’re going to keep pushing to get even better at it.”




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