Shifting Channels in the Bike Market – A Special Channel Mastery Series

This special series co-produced by Bicycle Retailer and Verde Brand Communications dives into the most important and relevant trends on speciality business evolution from key players in the bike market. Check out all eight episodes in this series.

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Your Guide to Multichannel Greatness – 14 Episodes of Channel Mastery, Summarized!

Kristin Carpenter-Ogden here, founder of Verde Strategy and host of the Channel Mastery Podcast. I wanted to post about the show’s trajectory, some news and a brand-new monthly offering, Channel Mastery Cliffs Notes!

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In God We Trust: All Others Bring Data

These are the glorious, immortal words of W. Edwards Deming. According to Wikipedia, Deming served as an 'American engineer, statistician, professor and author who helped develop the sampling techniques still used by the U.S. Department of the Census and Bureau of...

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How to Win on Amazon

Many of you have likely been following (or maybe even cheering on) David Kahan, the CEO of Birkenstock, as he’s publicly accused Amazon of launching an ‘assault on decency’ while concurrently warning retailers (third-party sellers) against selling ‘even a single pair' of Birkenstocks to Amazon. The prize quote from Kahan? “This is a middle finger to all brands.”...

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How to Get Business Growth by Taking Risk, and Other Lessons Amazon and Walmart are Teaching Us

My interview with Richard Kestenbaum was like a 30-minute MBA on the “tectonic shift” of the end consumer today. Kestenbaum is a very active Forbes columnist, writing about the retail sector, including apparel, accessories and consumer products, and is a founding...

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Think Uber Disrupted the Taxi Industry? Check out how Locally is Disrupting Specialty Outdoor Retail in a Revolutionary Way!

A few years, an audacious startup named Uber disrupted a legacy industry. It wasn’t just that Uber capitalized on the emerging “sharing” economy. It wasn’t even that the taxi industry was in particular disarray. Mike Massey, founder of and recent guest on...

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Success Secrets of the Beauty Industry, Serving the Millennials, and Retail Trends to Act On Now

Not that long ago, I had clients pushing back against investing in responsive websites. Who will ever shop/research/read/watch videos on their phone was the argument. Yesterday it was mobile. Today it’s being a part of the consumer’s identity, and powering a consumer experience. Beauty’s killing it in both...

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Put a Stake in the Ground for Your Brand and Fast Track Engagement With Your Brand’s Target Consumers

Between the ‘retail correction’ and the ever-increasing choice available to consumers today, which continues to re-shape their preferences, I’ll bet you might be starting to experience a bit of ‘change fatigue.’First, know you’re not alone. Then, take a deep breath...

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If You’re Not Questioning Everything, It’s Time to Start

“Jerry Seinfeld said that the enemy of comedy is success because as soon as you become successful, you don’t wanna be changing any routines ’cause you wanna stay successful.” This is a quote from one of our first podcast interviews with author and innovation consultant, Tom Asacker (episode #3 of the Channel Mastery podcast )....

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