179: Marketing Expert Akvile DeFazio talks Trends, Advertising, and Supply Chains

“This year a lot of brands, because of COVID-19, shipping delays, the supply chain issues that we’re experiencing for a lot of e-commerce brands in particular, we’ve had to start launching. So today we launched a lot of our holiday gift guides for clients, where typically we don’t do that until closer to Thanksgiving. But now it’s the 1st of November and here we are launching this now because people can’t guarantee delivery by certain dates for the holidays. We’re having to strategize earlier.”

– Akvile DeFazio


  • Pivoting with iOS14 removing cookies, innovation in a time of regulation
  • How supply chain is affecting schedules on editorials 
  • Transparency with supply chains, managing client expectations, and being flexible 
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Diversifying social channels a brand uses and targets with 
  • Reddit,Tiktok, Snapchat and other new channels to reach customers bases with targeted ads, which platforms to use and why
  • Trends for brand leaders for 2022 – plan ahead and ensure tracking is dialed.


We are delighted to welcome back friend of the show and President of AKvertise, Akvile DeFazio. Akvile and I chat about trends in digital marketing space, iOS14’s effect on cookies, supply chain’s unexpected impacts, diversifying social advertising, and  more. Join us to learn from an industry leader in the digital marketing and social media space who works with brands like Thermos, Johnson & Johnson, and Postmates. 



 Akvile DeFazio

As someone who lives for connecting people bringing together consumers and brands is what Akvile DeFazio does best. Akvile founded AKvertise in 2014 as the culmination of her passions for social media, advertising, and helping businesses reach their goals by means of online marketing. In the past eight years, AKvertise has earned multiple accolades, including winning the best small agency award from the annual U.S. Social Media Awards in 2020 among others. As a conversion-driven marketer, Akvile is passionate about helping businesses expand their online visibility and reaching their goals.



iOS14 removing cookies, How supply chain is affecting schedules on editorials, Transparency with supply chains, managing client expectations, and being flexible, real-time data analysis, Amazon affect, diversifying social channels brands are targeting with, and pricing per channel.

Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, Quora, Reddit, industry trends and consolidation, tracking abilities, planning for the holidays, create internal goals, plan early and often, social media advertising, social media marketing, influencer marketing, online advertising, search engine advertising, paid social traffic, 

Future is not about hyper-targeting as personal data becomes harder to come by. Recommendations are to start early, plan ahead, and have advertising dialed. Track and code data appropriately to understand what audiences are finding interesting and using that tailor your message.


“But on top of COVID-19, this year we had, as of April, iOS 14 rolled out and that completely changed things for online advertisers. We lost a lot of tracking ability. We’ve had to amplify our data detective skills in really trying to find how to properly attribute to be able to tell clients, “Here’s how we’re successful and where and why, and what levers we need to pull to change something.” So, it’s made it a lot more challenging in that aspect, so I feel like we get hit globally with things, and then as an industry, we got hit this year. And I think it’s really setting the scene for what it’s going to look like in a cookie-less type of world, like Europe’s already seeing, as we see that in North America as well.”

“Yes. I feel like it’s a good thing to be transparent and vulnerable, even as a brand. As humans, we appreciate vulnerability. It’s difficult to convey and we’re nervous. It might backfire, but at the same time, it is very human and we’re all going through a very interesting human experience, so I think that storytelling is more important than ever….”Hey, start early,” like you were saying. That’s very important and brands aren’t just saying that just because they want you to buy now and get that money from you, but they really want you to have what you’re paying for before it’s too late.”

“We are checking things several times a day, even just in case we need to adjust anything. You know, there are data delays, especially with Facebook, but we try to look through at least transactional data through Google Analytics or Shopify. So that’s been helpful in us assessing in the morning, and in the afternoon if we need to course correct, whether spend up or down based on what we’re seeing, and how many people are competing for those different types of audiences that we’re targeting”




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